We at World Tea House, love tea outside all the health claims and weight loss claims. We simply enjoy a good cuppa tea steeped with passion and tradition. This is not to say that we do not carefully select our teas. In fact far from it but there are criteria that our teas must make in order to be part of our collection and they are as follows.

Fair Trade and Direct Trade

We believe that not matter where you are and who you are you deserve a fair wage. We buy direct from many small tea farms ensuring our buying power does directly to the farmers and the workers. Where we can not directly buy from the farms, we participate in the Fair Trade program to ensure tea farmers wages. Does this change the flavour of the tea? Probably not but as we like to think that our tea brings happiness to both our tea farmers and customers.

Organic Farming

As you may have notice from our collection a great many of our teas are certified organic. This is not an accident. We at World Tea House, believe that organic farming is the only responsible way to produce a proper cup of tea for both the Earth and you. As for the taste of tea there is nothing more horrible than tasting spray with your tea — which may be perfectly safe for human consumption but is not exactly appetizing. As for the Earth we believe that with plights like soil erosion and removal of nutrition are not worth it. Especially with such beautiful vistas that many tea gardens exist on.

What is not well known is that Organic certification is an expensive and time consuming process which leaves certain smaller gardens in a bind. We attempt to make sure all or teas are in fact farmed within the spirit of organic farming and always encourage or suppliers to get certified but even if they are not and we are sure that they are practicing safe farming methods we will still do business with them. After all Tea is about the humans that produce it a not all about legal red tape.

A Sustainable Future

We are not a do as I say and not as I do shop. We try to live by our convictions and make sure that our packaging is as biodegradable and recyclable as possible. To this end our entire shop produces, on average, one bag of garbage a week. Multiple units of tea are packaged in larger bags to reduce packaging and garbage. Customers taking purchasing take-away beverages are encouraged to use reusable containers. If you have a favourite tea jar/tin we will fill it for you and offer a discount on not using packaging. We do this so that we can live in cleaner world tomorrow.

Enjoy Your Tea
World Tea House